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The Tome Vault

Below you will find a compendium of knowledge to use during your time in Aftermath. Including PDF files of the current Rulebook used in Aftermath, as well as many other useful files. It would be wise to download, (print if you like, though not necessary), and keep a copy of them on hand. After all, knowledge is power! 

Rulebook - Version 3.0, 2014

Book 3.png

This Rulebook is the basis for Aftermath's gameplay however it was originally created for another LARP. Naturally, some information it contains will not pertain directly to Aftermath. Errata for Aftermath can be found below. An edition of the rulebook specifically for Aftermath is currently in progress. Use this version for now. Click the book to download.

This book contains information on additional rules, spells, etc. for Aftermath. Click the book to download.

Book 4.png
Book 2_edited.png

The Blight - Version 1.0, 2020

The Blight is a condition unique to Aftermath. This addition to the rules outlines the effects it has on players. Click the book to download.

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