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About Aftermath:

Aftermath is an age 18+ medieval fantasy, post-apocalyptic, survivor/horror themed Live Action Role Play game (aka. a LARP). It is centered around the fictional port-city of Aftermath, on the drifting island-continent of Radeves (rah-DEEves). Monsters, madness, mayhem, and misery plague the town as the citizens fight (and often fail) for a chance at survival. 

General Info:

- The event site is currently located in Petal, MS. 

(Click the "Address/Map" Button below for directions!) 

- Once a month we hold a weekend-long event (Friday night through Sunday afternoon).

- Food and drink can be purchased in our tavern.

- Sleeping arrangements include bunking in cabins, or you may bring a personal tent.

- Showers and facilities are available. 

- Drugs and Alcohol are not allowed on site.

- Smoking and Vaping only allowed in dedicated areas.

Regular Monthly Membership Prices:

(First Time Players - Free)

Full Event - $50

Half Event - $30


Multiple Characters:

For an additional 10$, you may play multiple characters during a Full Event.

(One before reset, another after reset.)

Yearly Passes:

These may be purchased for the calendar year and are prorated if purchased after the January event. They include:

- Discounted Full Events

- Blanket Build for 1 Character Despite Attendance

- Referral Program:

For each new player you bring that returns and pays for their 2nd Regular Priced Full Event, you will receive your next event for free. There is no limit on the number of free events you can receive through this program.

Please email us if you have any questions, or join our Discord or Facebook community!

Contact information can be found on by clicking the Contact Us button below!


- New Players! -

Get 100% Off Your First Event

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