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"Journal from Rosa"

The night of Trohsith 44 N.R. I will never leave my mind.

"Journal from Rosa"

The night of Trohsith 44 N.R. I will never leave my mind. All the screaming, all the blood, all the bodies and body parts. The cries of grief, even harder to hear the next morning. The worst of all was the feeling of helplessness. Despite the preparation, it was not enough. Not even close to enough. Hundreds of people lost their life that night. All to those damn werewolves. The damn werewolves and their planned attack the months before. At most, the rezzies only saved a few dozen. I made a makeshift hiding spot, the Lowtown clinic helped hide a few, some put up protection spells. It still wasn’t enough. Not even close to enough.

I had thought myself a hero before that night. Doing my best to help as many of the townsfolk as I could. But I see what the people mean by rezzies now. We are not heroes. Just people blessed or cursed to be able to die and come back. What we are however, are people that can do more. We can do more good for the citizens of Aftermath, or we can do greater evil. What we cannot do is decide what is good or evil in the town’s eyes. Just because we think we are doing good, does not make it so. We saved a handful of people that night, but what about the others that were slaughtered? Others, who were taken from their home? Or the ones that now live with this curse? Did we do enough in their eyes? Did we do good by them?

These are the thoughts ever on my mind as I strive to do more. Protect Aftermath more, protect more crops, protect more animals, protect more land. Most importantly protect more citizens. Protect more of the surrounding people. Protect Aftermath. Do more for Aftermath.

Rose Garden
Welcome to the Garden! Come in and smell the Roses. Whatever your need, there is an herb or elixir for it. Our recipes will soothe what allies you. We always cultivate new ideas and make time to test remedies for better health for the people of Aftermath. They are only a pluck away.

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