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"Dear Mom"

Dear Mom, I know you will never get to read this.

"Dear Mom"

Dear Mom,

I know you will never get to read this.
However, it seems like a good way to cope with the fact that you’ve been gone eight years now. I wish I could just sit down and talk to you about my problems and what’s going on in my life.
Where do I start? I guess with the fact that I found Scurra... He truly is a joke mother. I swear I’ve never met someone who is so incredibly selfish, vile, and stupid... He acts as though he's a gift to humanity when in actuality he’s almost as bad as the blight... I can’t believe my father made me come find him...
But enough about that imbecile. Since I came back to Aftermath I started seeing this boy named Hannibal. He treated me rather well but he had a secret. He was only Hannibal at night... When the sun came up he was almost a different person entirely and went by Jack. Almost no one in Aftermath knows his secret. Jack wanted to become a knight so Scurra forbade the relationship from continuing... I was rather sad to see it end.
Shortly after I met a Straad named Trip. He is the most amazing person, mother but, he has a terribly haunted past. He treats me like a queen mother. You would have loved him. He rescued me from having to stay with Scurra and protects me during battles here. Mother I think I’d like to marry him...
I've also made some new friends around town. So far Monty is one of my favorites. He’s an elf and REALLY cool. I’ve also become fond of a wolf named Aa'shian and a human named Drake. They’ve become really good friends of mine. I plan on joining the mage's guild soon as well.

Hopefully I’ll become powerful like you were. Well... that’s all that’s happened really... I love and miss you dearly mother.

Love Always,

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