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"A Day in the Life of Rosa"

Most Hoblings are early to rise.

"A Day in the Life of Rosa"

Most Hoblings are early to rise. Generations of preparing meals for the family early in the morning turned Hoblings into morning creatures. Rosa wakes at roughly 10am. She has no family to prepare food for. The sole other occupant of the house was Pudge, though they’re currently asleep under the table. Still under the same pile of moss that slightly smells of booze.

She grabs some dried food and begins her day. Her first stop today; The Orphanage. Adonis has been staying there more to help watch over the 25 children. Some are practicing their fighting skills while others are helping the few adults that volunteer their time. The adults are not always there, as these ladies' nights are spent at the Brothel. Though it does seem they are always happy to help a small child no matter how late their night was. Other children tend to the small cuts and bruises children often sporadically and mysteriously receive. These were the ones she was personally training. Mostly healers, but with some young alchemists as well. Maybe if she did not finish her work, one of these young minds would take over. Something to muse on later.

These 5 were the ones who helped the healers a couple of times a week. A deal struck with Guilder leader Nye. Most only tended to minor wounds, but it seemed to help the spirits of the citizens. She would need to visit Gamor, a star pupil who was quickly excelling in the art of healing, but that would need to come at a later time. Today she was only stopping by to check on them and see if any supplies were needed. After getting the list from Adonis, she makes her way to town.

In the Crafters District is her first stop. She needs to check on her shop, the Rose Garden. It has taken time, with a major setback during the food storage, but it should be ready to be a shop soon. Selling herbal remedies to the city of Aftermath. A quick drop to make sure the oils, lotions, herbs, medicines and other concoctions are coming along or ready to sell and then it is off for errands. The first stop being Vren’s fur shop to drop off the cough medicine for the older fur dealer, and buy some pelts before the cold of winter sets in. A stop at the butcher down the road to see if he has any smoked meat for an afternoon snack. Flank, a hobbling, has done well for himself, and he also has some of the best meats in the district. A quick conversation and a trade of food for coin and Rosa is on her way. A few more stops and then it is time for the main plans of the day.

Excitedly making her way into the ██████ District, she goes down the ████ passing the ever-watchful ████████████. Finally making it to the ██████████████. Making sure to grab the ███████████████████████████████████████████████. Finally, the familiar scents of the guild meet her nose. It was always a little different each day, but there was still a familiarity to it. She proceeds past the █████ to say hello to █████. He has tremendously helped her on her path to becoming the Master Alchemist she is today. She also made sure to say hello after the incident with the ███████ made from the ██████████████ of the dead █████████. Never even fathoming the possibilities of the fungal head she brought in months back. The incident with the █████ made a

stressful, but fond memory. When she had first gotten there to help Alvin, the other guild members were making bets on how bad the experiment went and if █████ would even live. With the help of some well-placed salt, disaster was averted. Now with the experiment under control, many of the members had taken to making █████ with the hard, but flexible █████..

She made her way to her station. Finding all her things in order, as it is highly frowned upon to touch another guild member’s experiments without due cause, she begins her work. She had lots of plans on some new and old experiments. She needed to research █████████████████████████████ and had thoughts on what how to fix the issue with the only █████. She spends hours figuring out how ██████████████████████ and █████████████████████████ worked together to make a better version of ████████████. Jotting down notes on how ██████████████████████ do not work well with ████████████████████. At one point another member makes his way over. ████████████████ seemed to enjoy making her life harder, though he calls it more interesting. It had taken weeks to calm everyone down after he insinuated she was in a relationship. He thankfully moves past, more important business than harassing her today.

She continues her work. Getting very promising results on distilling the already created ████████████ and the ██████████████████ formula obtained from █████████████. Only when she stops to get more ink is when she realizes how hungry she is. The meat and fruit were long gone. What time is it? She makes her way to look outside. Completely dark. It happened again. Sighing, she goes to clean up. She would need to get food at the tavern after cleaning up. It was the only place she felt safe enough getting food at this hour. The walk back to her place would be dangerous. Though nothing she was not accustomed to, she didn’t look forward to it. She goes to leave, but Anissa’s voice stops her. An invitation for a late dinner and some catching up. An invitation taken. The yellow and blue Lizardkin had been working overtime since the ████████████████. Anissa deserved a small reprieve and Rosa’s tummy never turned down food. She would stay the night at the guild, as she had done many nights before, and give Adonis his supplies on her way back home. Tomorrow.

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